martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

Some sentences in the future


As promised, here are some of the sentences in the future tense you've invented:

Which is your favourite?

In the future you will make a big paella with lots of ingredients. (Sayoa)
In the future she will show her beautiful pictures. (Hafsa)
In the future you will catch a star.(Vandra)
In the future he will ride on a whale. (Rachid)
In the future I will invent a time machine. (Rocío)
In the future I'll travel to USA. (Santos)
In the future I will pilot a rocket. (Aarón)
In the future people will take flying buses to go through space. (Carla)
In two years time she will live in her favorite place 
near a lake in the Rocky mountains. (Elena - Mr. J)
Tomorrow I'll make a glitter that glows in the dark. (Aya)
In three months the aliens will come to Earth and they will take me with them 
to a remote planet in a far away galaxy. (Nidal - Mr J)
Next weekend we'll travel to Morocco. (Inssaf)
Tonight he won't eat a chocolate house model.(Nora)
In the future I will fish a pink glitter whale.(Vandra)
In the future I will hunt a cheetah. (Moha)

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  1. molan las frases

  2. Gracias jose por poner las frases😃😄

  3. Como molan.Algunas son graciosas,jijiji

  4. Las frases son muy divertidas

  5. Todos teneis razón molan un montón y son creativas

  6. Angel Rivero
    Molan mucho y son muy graciosas